Artist Statements


My paintings develop through a process of exploration. They are imaginative surfaces that use the language of painting – form, color, space, gesture – to create personal works. The process is open, active and non-linear, coming more from an inner place of emotion, intuition and memory than from direct observation. These paintings may suggest situations, settings, figures in movement, even fantastical creatures. These aspects are not created intentionally. Rather, they are allowed to emerge over the course of multiple painting sessions. A painting is finished when it comes alive for me and feels right in its emotional and aesthetic aspects. All parts have come into proper relationship and it seems there is nothing to be changed.



My color photographs are based on close observation of street level details to which people typically pay little attention. But such urban fragments, extracted from their context and presented as worthy photographic subjects, can reveal unexpected beauty, mystery and meaning. The richly layered and textured surfaces of these photographs attest to the restless energies and perpetual reinvention of New York and other great cities. My work in photography relates to street and documentary photography, but also references general modern art traditions including abstract painting, expressionism, collage and folk art.